Terms & Conditions

Terms and Conditions
All Santa, Mrs. Claus, Elf and Mascot performers will have national background checks, as well as be insured.
For home or private visits performer(s) will arrive within a + / –
30 minute window of scheduled time due to traffic or other unforeseeable circumstances. A break of ten minutes after each full hour of work is appropriate. A little cool water with a straw is always welcome. Gratuities not included.

Contract Information
Non-Refundable Retainer Fee must be received by the Contract Date to reserve the booking dates and made payable to Classic Claus LLC or Credit Card per Invoice.

Schedule of Payments
Retainer Fees and payments must be received within three (3) days of date due. Failure to timely pay on the payment schedule may result in the appointment time being released to another party. Contact Classic Claus LLC immediately should you need to adjust the retainer fee or payment date or make other arrangements.

To guarantee rates & terms quoted, the non-refundable Retainer Fee must be received (to secure the date). Any remaining balance is due per dates on attached payment schedule.

If this contract is cancelled after its acceptance and execution, the following schedule will be followed:
1. For the cancellation of any booking more than 60 days from the start date of services, 30% of the total booking fee shall be due and payable to Classic Claus LLC;
2. For cancellation of any booking less than 60 days from the start date of services, 60% of the total booking fee shall be due and payable to Classic Claus LLC;
3. For cancellation less than 7 days from the start date of services,90% of the total booking fee shall be due and payable to Classic Claus LLC;
4. For cancellation less than 48-hours from the start date of services, 100% of the total booking fee shall be due and payable to Classic Claus LLC.

For special events, performers will arrive approximately 15 minutes prior to appearance unless otherwise stipulated above in this agreement. All costumes are standard Holiday Dress. Special requests are at the client’s cost, should be made to the booking company in advance when possible, and not the performers. Classic Claus reserves the right to substitute performers of equal type and value at any time unless documented in writing.

Due to the nature of our performer’s traditional outfits, it is necessary that they have periodic breaks and that their performance location be cool and comfortable, we recommend 65 to 70 degrees. If outdoors in a warm environment, appropriate breaks may be necessary as per health and safety regulations. It is assumed that all events will be indoors, or that other arrangements have been made if event is held outdoors, and therefore cancellations due to inclement weather are not accepted.

The owner of the premises at which any prop (sleigh, reindeer, Santa throne, etc.) provided by Classic Claus is used is responsible for premises liability and accident insurance and said owner will indemnify and hold harmless Classic Claus any accidents occurring on the premises related to the events at which Classic Claus appears.

Any and all photos taken of our performers, whether by individuals or professional photographers, are assumed to be for private or personal use of the client and may not be used for commercial or promotional use without written permission from Classic Claus LLC.

Under no circumstances will the client make any attempt to directly book any talent or sub-contracted services provided by Classic Claus LLC, for a period of three (3) years, unless otherwise granted. Any such bookings shall be considered the residual business of Classic Claus LLC and will be handled as such. Likewise, no subcontract talent or services will book directly with any contracted Client for a period of three (3) years.

I have read the above contract and agree to the Terms and Conditions. I understand that this booking will remain tentative, subject to cancellation by Classic Claus LLC, until the signed contract and deposit are received.